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October 21st - December 09th



Our mentors are all highly experienced industry experts

Our lessons will help you to become a  well skilled digital thinker


Lessons take place wednesdays 18:00 till 18:45 h

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The 1st ‚8 Mentors - 8 Learnings - 8 Weeks‘ program was booked out within 2 hours!

So better be 1st, too ;-) See you!





1. Iliés Terki

Creative Director / Filmmaker

2. Angeliki Karnoupaki

Creative Director / Copy

3. Julian Schildknecht

Business Designer & Coach 

Justus von Wedekind 

Kitesurf Instructor, Coach and Founder

4. Robert Luciani

International Art Director and Digital Media Designer

5. Patricia Nassauer

Kundenberaterin, Trainerin und Sprecherin GWA Forum Beratung

6. Caroline S. Henne

Digital Marketing Strategist 

7. Vladimir Ilic 

Futurist / Creative Director XR

8. Branko Presic

Chief Creative Strategist

Creativity Behind the Scenes: How to Collect, Evaluate and Make Ideas Happen.

Digital Copywriting Concepting: How it can make you a better creative thinker. And possibly a better human

Get closer during social distancing. How do I stay motivated with my team in wild times? 

Being better than first:

How to be first at leveraging new technologies and product features while still being relevant to your audience

Basic-Hacks für nachhaltige Kundenberatung / Basic hacks for sustainable account management

Introduction to customer centric marketing

Inspiration and insights into the current VR/AR possibilities for your clients

Strategic thinking for creativeness 

ABOUT "8 Mentor - 8 Learnings - 8 Weeks"


Agency Communication,


"8 intensive sessions and many helpful lessons from the best instructors in the industry. In short: I would participate again and again!"


Junior Art Director,

Jung von Matt / Sports


Copywriter, thjnk

"What an inspiring way to spend the evening in your home office. Thanks to all the speakers and to the Infinity Campus!"

"Pretty cool to meet digitally in a room every week with people who are not your friends... the great atmosphere made you feel anything but anonymous. Thanks a lot!"





The members of the German Association of Communication Agencies (GWA) are among the leading communication agencies in the industry. GWA is thus both a brand and a seal of quality. GWA speaks for the agency industry to business, politics and the public. It clarifies the function of business communication, advertising and agencies in the market economy, nationally and internationally. The GWA represents the interests of its members towards the market partners and  supports the agency management of its members with agency-specific services and with the training and further education of the agency staff.

Miami Ad School was founded in Miami in 1993 and has been based in Hamburg since 2003 and in Berlin since 2009. Miami Ad School Europe – The International Institute of Creative Innovations, known for its integrated Academic Path – with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (B.A.) or Master of Science in Business Management (M.Sc.), Miami Ad School Europe is one of the best and most successful, creative and innovative schools in the world. With its two-year portfolio program of Art Direction / Digital Design, Creative Concepting / Copywriting and Creative Technology, Miami Ad School Europe unites many different schools in one. The students gain world-class room experience and business knowledge, including three times 1 quarter of international internships to choose out of 800 locations around the globe. Their graduates work for the best creative agencies, innovation companies and tech brands worldwide. It’s known as: The place where you become, who you are ment to be!


Since June 2019, Sabine Georg, former Google Manager, took over as Managing Director of  The International Institute of Creative Innovations – next to her Managing Partner and Chief Innovation Officer, Ina Behrendt, who is guiding the school since 2016 through the digital transformation and inventing new programs like Creative Technology or summits like ‘The Future Summit Series – The 100’.


We are fully booked for 8 Mentors 8 Learnings 8 Weeks Round II.

If you like, we will keep you posted on news and updates on Round III :)


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